Belt drive bicycle

Beautiful, zero-hassle belt drive bicycles with airless tires designed to just go.

STUDIO is a bicycle design company that makes belt drive bicycles with airless tires.


We are a bicycle design company. We design bikes with all the features you need for complete bicycling freedom. We are for going. For flying. For exploring and adventuring. For removing any obstacle for riding and rolling. We are for taking off on your bike wherever, whenever you like. For banishing flats and grease, and any fun-stoppers. Because we believe in the transformative power of a simple bike ride. To make a functional commute, a super-hero like adventure. An errand, an escape. So we designed STUDIO.


We believe bikes should be as beautiful as they are dutiful. STUDIO makes beautiful belt drive bicycles with airless tires that will never go flat.


Inspired by what it takes to just roll out the door and ride. So you are free to ride more, escape more. Invent more things to do by bike.

Airless tires

INVINCIBLE. AIRLESS TIRES. FLAT FREE FOREVER. Tires with a built-in superpower. Filled with a natural, stable gas, integrated with macromolecuar materials, MUFFIN® tires will never need air - and never go flat.

I've been watching the evolution of tire technology. These tires are really amazing. I ride with my bike everyday to Frost Science. Fear of flats is always an issue. It's great to remove this obstacle.

Dr. Jorge Perez-Gallego

Super Commuter. Astronomer. Designer. Planetarian. Frost Science. STUDIO Ambassador. Rides GUSTN 3-speed.

belt drive bicycles

CHAINLESS, GREASE-FREE, FASHION FRIENDLY, BELT DRIVES. Chain-free, grease-free, fashion friendly belt drives. With industry leading Gates® Carbon belt drives, you are free to ride leaving the grease and grime to the streets.

Now I have the flexibility to go ride to the park for 45 minutes. Come back re-energized. Now I can go when I want without worrying about grease.

Sebastian Fernandez

Super Commuter. Owner. Chef. Entrepreneur. 33 Kitchen. STUDIO Ambassador. Rides GUSTN 3-speed.

Ready-to-ride shipping

READY-TO-FLY- SHIPPING. Hassle is vanquished. We deliver a 99% assembled bike to your doorstep, so you are ready to get out there and fly at a moment’s notice.

When I ride I feel like all my hopes and dreams can come true, that everything is possible. That I can fly. This bike gives me freedom to feel that all the time.

Jasnine Dearden

Super Commuter. Artist. Muralist. Graphic Artist. Entrepreneur. Jasnine Designs. Studio Ambassador. Rides RTHKO 3-speed.

Commuter bike

The first zero hassle, flat free, chainless, super commuter bike designed to make you unstoppable.
So you can ride more. Escape more. Invent more things to do by bike.

+$99 Ready to Fly Shipping

Ready? Get on.