At Republic Bike, we’ve always shaken up the familiar ideas of how a bike should look and live in life. We spin up tools to let creativity go for a ride. Custom Bikes. Fleet bikes. Hotel bikes. Shared Bikes -- all built by us and you.

With STUDIO, we turned the tables, and set out to create the ultimate tool to help you conquer the world by bike.

After all, we ride just like you. We’re racers & rollers, moms & dads, triathletes & toodlers, commuters, artists, tinkerers and fiercely proud riders. Every day, bravely taking to the streets, romanced and romancing with the transformative power of the ride. Getting there faster. Defying traffic. Making a functional commute a superhero adventure. An errand - an escape.

The only problem, we found, the bike wasn't always game. Mischievous tires hiss out flat. Cantankerous chains spew and rattle. We'd. Get. Defeated. And so we created STUDIO, super commuter bikes - Built by us for you.

So we're all free to conquer the world by bike.

STUDIO City Series

The first flat free, chain free, belt driven, zero hassle, super commuter bike designed to make you unstoppable. So you can ride more. Escape more. Outsmart traffic more. Invent more things to do by bike.

With invincible, airless, flat free Muffin® tires and an industry leading Gates® carbon belt drive, this bike is always ready. Zero-thought. Zero-hassle. Making it possible to always just take the bike. Finally, a bike as unstoppable as you. It’s waiting. Get on.

3-speed Step-thru with Muffin® Tires
$799 +$99 Ready to Fly Shipping

3-speed Diamond with Muffin® Tires
$799 +$99 Ready to Fly Shipping